PhoneTab Concept
As the smartphone and tablet are becoming more and more popular, are you really satisfied with your smart device?

You might think the screen is not big enough to watch the videos on your mobile, but the big size mobiles are usually

with high price. Also it’s not that convenient to carry the tablet and mobile outside at the same time.

PhoneTab Lifestyle

PhoneTab is the fusion of phone and tablet. PhoneTab allows the user to release the full potential of their smartphone.

Unlike many other tablets, PhoneTab requires no additional cellular contract, making the PhoneTab a cost effective

solution. You can enjoy the function of a normal tablet and make / receive calls at the same time. It’s no need to take

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mobile and tablet outside when you’re using PhoneTab. With the demand from customers, we can know that clearly

PhoneTab is going to be a new wave in electronics.

So far, XTOUCH launches PL series which is the tablet with phone call function, and PF series which is with 3G function. With larger screen than smartphone and additional call function, PhoneTab is the competitive product ever.

Undoubtedly, PhoneTab has become a new fashion trend which is going to sweep the world. Let’s explore the new era

with XTOUCH.


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