World’s First Cargo Drone Carries 1.5 Tonnes


We have heard companies like Amazon and DHL introduce Drones for delivering products to their front door.

Or other companies delivering first aid to remote locations.

Delivering 1.5 tonnes of load is really something you have never heard or seen.

A Chinese Cargo Drone proved its possible and made its first flight with that much load, making it one of the world’s most powerful UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for non military use.

This goal was achieved by a group of Chinese institutions who developed this UAV named AT200 and took their first flight which lasted over 26 minutes in Shaanxi Province, China.

The UAV can be used to transport freight to mountainous locations and it can be controlled upto a range of 2,184km with speeds upto 323kph.

The aircraft can take off and land on a 200-metre-long runway smoothly.


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