WhatsApp new feature ‘pin top 3 chats’ of your choice


WhatsApp has become  the must have app for users now days either for business or personal use, and we know how it is when you find your chats overcrowded with lots of messages from family, friends or group chats.

With the new feature WhatsApp has implemented in their beta version where you can “pin chats”. To make the chats pinned to the top is by holding down a chat and new pin icon will appear, and it will be at the top of all the chats. Only one disadvantage is that you can only pin 3 chats only at a time, but you can change it anytime.

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To get this feature before its release, you can sign up for “beta” on the Google Play Store under WhatsApp at the bottom of the page and wait for a few hours until Google verifies then you can download the beta version.