WhatsApp Business App is Now Available in Africa

Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa,

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Over the last few years, #WhatsApp has become a very popular app in #Africa and many people use it as their primary social media app. #WhatsAppAfrica

In Africa, countries like #Tanzania, the tech will help both retailers and wholesalers in local markets who have been using WhatsApp to chat to their customers, usually by creating their own group or by building broadcast lists and forwarding product ads.

Even though WhatsApp is available in Africa, there isn’t any data stating the market share or users usage on the app for Africa.

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To help businesses around the world, WhatsApp has launched a standalone app ‘WhatsApp Business’ to help small businesses communicate with their customers. The app is only for available for Android users and soon it will be available for Apple iOS users.

Visit WhatsApp’s Official Site or the Play Store to download the app.

WhatsApp has over 1 billion users, while WhatsApp Business in just a few weeks of launch, it has reached over 1 million users. In a short while or so, imagine users have already downloaded the WhatsApp Business App and have posted alot of feedback about the app. There is alot of positive and negative feedbacks already and by reading the comments, I can agree one thing is that both apps look identical, there isn’t much features yet on the business app, we hope Whatsspp works on something soon to bring a change.

Below are feedbacks posted on Play Store for WhatsApp Business. Features which users have suggested are:


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