Troubleshoot for Google Play Store Download Error

New Update

If the old method is not working (especially for X714 & X708S), please try below.
Click “broswer” in your device and go to to downloadn 1Mobile Market.
And use this one to instand of Play Store.

Pictures guide


Old Method

The server of the Google Play Store currently appears download error issue, Please solve the problem via the instructions:

“Connection timed out”

Check the status of your network, and make sure it’s working.

Error processing purchase.DF-BPA-13′
“Error 921” “Error 923” “Error 403”, etc.
Error “Cannot verify your account temperately, please try latter”

You may change the network or the google account
(two devices cannot use the same account at the same time)

and please follow the steps:

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1.Click System Settings – APPS – All – Google Services Framwork – Clear Data and turn back to Play Store
2. Click System Settings – APPS – All – Google Play Store – Clear Data
3. Delete current google accounts:  System setting / personal / accounts & sync / Remove accounts
or you can Add New Account 

4. Enter Play Store and log in another google account
5. NOTE: In the step of Account Sign-in Successful, Uncheck all the setup options !

6. Click Play icon and start to download the application from Google Play
7. If the new account still facing the download error problems, keep trying the other account.


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