Sony’s New Aibo Robot Dog to Go on Sale


After a decade of introducing the first robot dog. The Japanase Electronics, Sony is set to bring the robot dog #Aibo back to the market. #Sony has improved ‘Aibo‘ and has added many cool tech and is capable of forming emotional connection with people like love, affection and joy of raising a companion.

Aibo features OLED eyes which shows expressions and is capable of recognizing individual faces and a new mechanism that will allow the body to move smoothly.

Aibo is capable of learning the layout of your house in order to avoid obsatcles and even take short cuts between locations instead of taking bigger rounds. Aibo features a Quad-core CPU, built in Wi-Fi and LTE with plethora of sensors, motors, speakers and four microphones. Aibo can last up to two hours of full charge and takes three hours to charge from 0 to 100.

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Watch Sony Aibo Robot Dog

Aibo is available @BongoGadgets on Pre-order, shipping is scheduled end of January.