SOLUTION: Simple Steps to Setup TP-Link M5350 or M5360 3G Mobile WiFi


TP-Link M5350 M5360 Settings

The manual may not be sufficient to understand how to setup the 3G WiFi Device,

After several tries using a mobile phone to setup the device,

I noticed, the status of network was not changing from Disconnected to Connected,

Solution: Best way to setup is:

  1. Insert the sim card
  2. Switch on the device (wait 1 minute)
  3. On Laptop = Open the URL
  4. Log in user: admin, pass: admin
  5. Click “Wizard” and follow steps,
  6. Next: Dial up settings: Click “New” (Ask ISP for settings)
  7. Next: Change the Wireless SSID & Password if you want
  8. Next: Check the settings, if they are not okay, Click “Back”,
  9. Otherwise Click “Finish” & Test the connection (By connecting your phone to 3G WiFi)
  10. Done

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