Sling Studio makes multi-camera video production so easy

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There’s no lack of devices that can film high definition video, whether it’s your smartphone, a webcam or a pro-grade broadcast equipment. But the real challenge is have all the devices together into something that looks as good as the multi-cam broadcasts you see on TV. As we dream of having an iPhone’s Operating System which is smooth and less lags, Samsung’s S8 design and curve display, LG’s Battery, 1TB HDD into one device instead of buying separate devices to get all the features.

Sling Studio Lets You Broadcast Live Video Like a Pro

Well The new Sling Studio promises to allow almost anyone to make professional-quality live video for thousands less than a traditional setup.

The Sling Studio is available for $1000+, and its size is similar to a football which features a built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi and has up to 10 different 1080p different sources. Video is sent to the Sling Studio over the air from any Android or iOS device using Sling’s App via a traditional camera with one of Sling’s $349 CameraLink wireless transmitters and the best part is its portable, you can carry the kit and go anywhere you want and the battery is rechargeable and lasts up to 3 hours.


Currently, broadcasts can be hosted on Facebook Live and YouTube, while Sling works on integrating other video platforms. And the whole time you’re broadcasting, the Sling Studio is also saving all your video to the built-in SD card reader or on an external hard-drive via the USB-C port in back. Then, you can send all your footage over Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro using a handy plug-in, and the Studio will make sure you get every feed and a full cut of the live broadcast footage, too.

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In the back of the Sling studio, there’s additional ports for HDMI in, HDMI out, USB-C audio in and power.

Location Shoots

Wedding Ceremony

Sports Event

Interview or Meeting

News Report

And More…

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