SIM Card Re-Registration Fraud in Tanzania

As we summarized in the last article, that TCRA in collaboration with Mobile Telecoms in Tanzania requested that all subscribers of Vodacom, Tigo, Airtel, Halotel, Zantel TTCL, Smile4G and Smart4G are required to re-register their SIM Cards through bio-metric process.

Well with this new approach of re-registration by Mobile Telecoms, some of the agents (staff) have come up with a new technique of fraud. It has come to our attention by some subscribers that the agents have cooked a new fraud scheme.


How they fraud a subscriber ?

Registering your new SIM Card / Re-registration of your Old Sim Card

  • 1. You visit the registration points or mobile operator store with your valid identity card.
  • 2. You ask for a new number / Provide them with your Old Sim Card No.
  • 3. You Provide your details to the registration agent, and your portrait and ID are captured.
  • 4. You Put your signature to confirm the captured information is correct.
  • 5. Your SIM Card will then become active.



In between this process, the agents play a game, they ask you several times to place your finger for bio-metrics, saying the system failed and you need to place your fingerprint again. 


The agents are actually registering your bio-metrics on other mobile numbers and re-selling to the public. If you pass the markets in Kariakoo, you will see people roaming around selling mobile numbers without the need of your bio-metrics.


Other ways Users are Scammed Online in Tanzania ?

Many users have reported on social media, saying that they have received several SMS scams like:

When a scammer sends you an SMS stating you to return his money, even though he/she hasn’t sent the money to you. (The message you receive is from unknown number 3/4 digit number e.g. 3241.

It can be difficult to know if it’s a scam because the mobile operators themselves are using similar 4 digit number when sending special offers to you.

Some users have complained that they receive a lot of special offers of mobile operators from unknown numbers by SMS. We suggest you to block those numbers, unless you want to be scammed.

Businesses that are on social media, they fraud users online, when a complain is registered the mobile operators say that the user cannot be tracked because their mobile numbers are not registered.



  1. Dial *106# on any Mobile Telecom in Tanzania
  2. Choose Option “2” for “Check NIN, MSISDN List” (See all the Numbers Registered Under your NIDA ID).
  3. Type your NIDA ID Card Number
  4. Press Enter 
  5. You will see a message like the below


Numbers registered to your NIDA ID are:

1. 0769-XXX-XXX

2. 0762-XXX-XXX

3. 0765-XXX-XXX

Note: Visit any Telecom to de-register any unknown number. (Telecoms have notified you)


If you see any number on the above list not yours, visit the nearest mobile telecom office and file a complain. We have received several complains from users and this is why this article was posted to notify other subscribers to be aware of this fraud.


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