Sarafu – Online Platform for Businesses in Tanzania

#Sarafu is a B2B (Business to Business) app for retailers who are looking for an alternative to the existing process of obtaining goods. The app is powered by AzamPay Ltd  which is a Tanzania-based digital commerce company developing a series of products for the East African market. 

Sarafu’s main core value proposition for customers is based on four key factors:

Pricing – As we know many retailers in Tanzania do not provide their price list, but Sarafu does, its as simple as that, when you want to know the price of a product, you can look it up on the app. Sarafu’s aim is to make sure the prices are the lowest in the market.

Ordering – You can order and pay digitally, that means the customer can place an order and monitor the status of their orders through their smartphone. You don’t need to call the customer service department, everything happens digitally.

Transparency of Supply – All products in stock will be shown available on the app. Most products will sell out quickly due to the demand of it, but 99% of the time the product will be in stock, so you can be sure to get what you need when you need it.

Free Delivery – Delivery is Free.

Additional functionality will be added soon including access to credit and other services as we expand the app offerings and learn from the needs of our customers.


Watch the Video below to learn how to benefit with Sarafu App

Sarafu is the solution for all your in-store purchases through your smartphone at the best price and with Free delivery to your store.

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