Samsung to Showcase Micro LED TVs at CES 2018


#Samsung currently has a range of #QLED TVs across various product segments. Next year, Samsung will launch MicroLED displays in #CES2018.

#MicroLEDTVs are tiny LEDs put together and arranged in a grid pattern to form one screen.

#MicroLEDTV is not a new innovation as #Sony was the first to introduce a 55-inch Micro LED TV in #CES2012 which never got launched. But Samsung is taking a step forward to launch an enormous 150-inch Micro LED TV at CES 2018 which will consume less power.

Manufacturing Micro LEDs is a challenge because each panel is less than 100 micrometer. After producing the tiny LEDs, then they have to be applied to a thin and light plastic display to form a full screen. Imagine !

Samsung is not the only company working on this innovation. #Apple R&D team is already working with #TSMC to find ways to mass produce the Micro LEDs and implement the new display tech into wearable and VR/AR but not so soon for mobile devices as producing the required size of LEDs is still not scalable for mass production.

Samsung might use the Micro LEDs to build their next Galaxy X foldable smartphone. What do you think ? Comment below on your thoughts.

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