Samsung S8 Neo Flex Screen Protector


Since Glass Screen Protector has become the popular when it comes to protecting the glass. Well for most users the glass screen protector hasn’t worked and if you want to add some protection other then glass.

You can go for the Neo Flex screen protector from Spigen which is made using a flexible TPU material that is like the film protectors many of us are probably used to.

The benefits of the Neo Flex is that if you have got minor scratches on the screen protector, with time it self-heals or erases minor scratches. And it doesn’t interfear  with phone’s touch capabilities or change how your device feels during use. Ensures edge to edge protection and fingerprint resistant.

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One potential downside of the Neo Flex is that a spray-on solution is required to make it stick to the Galaxy S8.

Note: We have used this but a different brand to this and it’s really good as you can still deep into water and nothing happens to the screen prteoctor except for removing the dust around the phone.

Spigen’s Neo Flex is definitely one of the best and cheaper solutions to keep your display intact.

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