Samsung announces Galaxy Note 9 event for August 9th

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#Samsung has sent out invites for an event coming up on August 9th where they will introduce the new Galaxy device — #GalaxyNote9, the leak picture of a Smartphone with a stylus plus the timing means it’s almost certain we’ll see the launch of the company’s next flagship device.

It was rumored by Bloomberg earlier in the month, and the Note 9 itself recently cleared with FCC, so a launch event was likely to happen sooner or later. As for the Note 9, rumors indicate that it’ll be similar to the Note 8 as the Galaxy S9 was to last year’s S8, with a main focus on an improved camera rather than a completely overhauled design and specs. The invitation also seems to hint at a new yellow color for the device.

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Given that Samsung also tends to use the Note line as a platform for bigger hardware experiments, though, it’s likely we could see some other additions — like, say, the long-rumored in-display fingerprint scanner. Whatever the case, we’ll find out in just a few weeks when Samsung’s event rolls around (or, if past history is any indication, when the leaks start to come out).

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