Protect your Phone with an Anti-Theft App


Nowadays’s security has become a big issue when it comes to Phone’s where your personal data (SMS, Photos, Business Contacts, Social Media) is at risk when the Phone or Smart-Phone does not have any security lock.

If you don’t have security lock screen on your phone, advice is get one now, either use a pattern lock, pink or finer-print to protect any person access to your phone without your permission.


The ‘Lockwatch’ (Protect your Phone with an Anti-Theft App) will only work with pin-code, password or pattern Fingerprint and face unlock are not supported yet. But it’s still not a bad option when it comes to protecting your phone. ‘Lockwatch’ will protect your phone, it will give you up-to date and useful information.

It will take a photo of the intruder using your phone front camera, It will provide the location of the phone (GPS & WiFi or Mobile Data is Switched ON) and it will immediately send an Email to your registered email with the Intruder’s Photo & GPS location of the person who tries to unlock your phone with the wrong pattern.

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The intruder won’t know whats happening as the app is silent and invisible as they are no warnings or app notifications on the screen to tell the intruder his being watched.

You don’t need a third-party lock screen, Lockwatch uses the lock screen built in Android OS.And don’t worry about your phone battery. As the app only runs when an incorrect code is entered.

Download the Lockwatch App, and protect your phone now.

Open the Lockwatch App & Switch ON “Send alert email

Choose where the ‘emails should be sent

And the “No. of unlock attempts“, we suggest 3 unlock attemps, so that you don’t get false alerts.

Watch the Video to understand more…


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