Oppo just Unveiled Exciting new Smartphone Camera and Biometrics Tech

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The #GalaxyS10 is coming soon, but it’s not the only phone of 2019. According to reports, a Chinese Smartphone maker who western smartphone fans haven’t heard of will unveil new camera innovations at a press event in China.

The smartphone maker happens to be #Oppo who’s designs are often used by other smartphone companies like #OnePlus.

Oppo indeed delivered a presentation yesterday in China and unveiled the new camera innovation that would make 10x optical zoom, as well as in-display fingerprint tech that many new devices will have this year.

Oppo introduced an impressive 5x optical zoom camera tech at #MWC2017 two years back, but the tech wasn’t used in any of its products.

Compared to two years ago, Oppo new zoom capabilities has an extra lens, featuring three cameras in total, including one that starts with an ultrawide perspective and than zooms into a medium telephoto lens while the other camera takes advantage of the width and depth of a phone to form a periscope-like camera, complete with a prismatic lens.

Oppo will show off the new camera zoom innovation at #MWC2019 next month, but it’s not certain whether it will be available in any phones this year.

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It’s not confirmed whether the #OnePlus7 phones launching this year will get this particular technology.

However, what 2019 Oppo and OnePlus phones might get is a new in-display fingerprint sensor that features 15 times the active area and a sensor that would also be able to read two fingerprints at the same time, which is something that has not been seen on any competing devices:

Although there may be some physical boundaries where the fingerprint touch would work only on half of the screen at the bottom

Unlike the 10x zoom camera tech, the new in-display fingerprint sensors that was unveiled by Oppo during its press event will be only available in 2019 devices. However, the Oppo phones will not be available in too many markets outside of Asia.

Meanwhile the GalaxyS10 will offer users upto four cameras, although there are unlikely to feature zoom capabilities like the Oppo. As for the in-display fingerprint the GalaxyS10 will be th first industry to deliver an ultrasound based sensor this year which is uses sound waves instead of optics to scan fingerprints anywhere on the screen. It’s uncertain how Samsung’s sensors would work.

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