Nokia’s 3310 is back as a modern classic phone


Since the original Nokia 3310 when it was introduced in September 2000 where it had sold over 126 million handsets. Nokia 3310 was the strongest phone, whether you drop it several times, the phone would still continue working. It was even popular for the game ‘Snake’, we all played that game.

Nokia 3310 a basic featured phone is returning with a new modern design with the same name and running a Nokia Series 30+ software, The specs are: 2.4inch QVGA display, 2MP Camera and plus a microSD slot. The old 3310 was bulky and looked like brick, but the modern design is smaller, think and light. It comes in 4 glossy colors, red, blue, grey and yellow.

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It comes bundled with a Opera Mini for basic web surfing and enough juice to last 31 days on standby time or 22 hours talk time. That’s a great amount of battery life.


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