Mobile Airbag Maybe Coming to Save your Phone


A mobile case and a screen protector might protect you from the worst of the damage, but those things can only do so much. That’s where this inventive #mobile-airbag comes into play (Mashable).

The “mobile airbag” is invented by a German engineering student, he came up with this idea because there was this one time where his iPhone had slipped off his jacket and crashed to the floor, the screen had shattered and even after getting the screen fixed, the phone still never worked.

So he decided to design something that could protect a falling phone than your typical case.

After a few experiments, Frenzel got the idea of inventing a case namely “ADcase” which “AD” stands for “active damping” fitting the case with sensors that could detect when the phone is going to fall and deploy a set of retractable legs with metal springs in response.

The AdCase secured Frenzel with an award which he then plans to turn his idea into a business after adding a patent to Kickstarter.

The price has not been released, but we expect the campaign on kickstarter to launch sometime in July.

There’s already an official ADcase website where it suggests that the initial product offering will be limited to more recent iPhone models — the 6/6 Plus and anything news (including the iPhone X).


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