Internet APN Settings for Tanzania for | Zantel | Tigo | Airtel | Halotel | Vodacom | Smile | TTCL

Configuring Your “Internet APN Settings in Tanzania”.


Internet APN Settings for Tanzanian Network 4G LTE, 3G & 2G. Settings for Android, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Infinix, XTouch, Tecno, Lava, Micromax, HTC, Blackberry or Windows Smart-Phone and Others.

If you are facing problems browsing the internet on your smartphone using your mobile network, then you might have to ask the telecom provider: Zantel, Tigo, Airtel, Halotel, Vodacom, Smile or TTCL to send you the ‘Configuration Settings’.

Otherwise you can add the internet apn settings manually by following the below steps.

Start by finding your Mobile Network, we have settings for all Tanzania Mobile Networks including Zantel, Tigo, Airtel, Halotel, Vodacom, Smile and TTCL.)

Follow the instructions below to manually add the APN settings to get your Mobile internet working: 

Android Settings: Follow the steps to enter “internet settings” for your Mobile Network.

To get started configuring APN settings, go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names.

Internet APN Settings for Tanzania for | Zantel | Tigo | Airtel | Halotel | Vodacom | Smile | TTCL

  1. Than add a New APN
  2. Than ‘Click” Top Right Option “Save”
  3. Make sure, you have clicked on the APN you have created

Note: Save the settings and than restart your mobile


Problems faced:

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If the dropdown menu “data connection” doesn’t work

Try to change networks to 2G / 3G



Goto “Data Usage”,

Choose the “Network” e.g. Halotel,

Then Switch ON “Cellular Data”

This will activate the data


<— Internet APN Settings for Tanzania —>

Vodacom APN Configuration / Settings

Name = Vodacom


Airtel APN Configuration / Settings

Name: Airtel

APN: internet


Tigo APN Configuration / Settings

Name: Tigo

APN: tigowap

OR try

APN: tigoweb


Zantel APN Configuration / Settings

Name: Zantel

APN: znet


Halotel APN Configuration / Settings

Name: Halotel

APN: internet


TTCL APN Configuration / Settings

Name: TTCL

APN: internet


Click on “Return” key

It will ask if you want to “Save” the settings


If you still are facing problems with the above settings for Android Devices, you can comment below

or You can watch a sample of the below video


Getting online on your iPhone happens instantly. There is no need to fill in any extras like Android. Your iPhone is internet-ready a minute or so after you load the new sim card.

In case you face any problems, than follow this link



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