I got the new Blu Studio Energy, but I am having some problems with the micro sd card

 –  16 Feb 2015
Hello! I got the new Blu Studio Energy, but I am having some problems with the micro sd card. I got a 64gb card (which according to the specs, this phone can handle), but every time I have tried to install an app on the sd card, I get an error message (not enough storage space). However, when I used a 32gb card, the phone easily installed the app in the card. Obviously, this is not an issue of storage space because the card is almost empty. I have tried many things (including reformatting the card), but none has worked so far. Any ideas?
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Thanks for the info. I do not think the card is damaged because I tried a different one (also 64gb and from a different brand) and had the same issue. Also, none of the apps in the phone would move to the sd card. I did uninstall the updates and remove all the apps I was not using (there is plenty of space in the phone), but nothing worked.

I cannot find the custom build version in Settings > about phone. These are the options available: Wireless update – Status – legal information – Model number – Android version – Kernel version – Build number
I think I got it: BLU_D810I_V07_GENERIC 2014-12-19 01:30
Also, I heard that a hard reset might work to solve the problem. Do you know how to do a hard reset in the Blu Studio Energy?
After the hard reset, the issue is still there.

The box where the phone came says it supports 64GB micro sd cards. However, mine does not for some reason.

Esteban Fernandez-Juricic

19 Feb 2015

After the hard reset, I just downloaded one app into the sd card and the issue came up again. Then, I also downloaded the same up into the phone without problem, and then tried to move it to the sd card and the issue came up again.
It gives me the same not enough memory error message as when I try to install an app on the sd card
I just the Blu energy phone today and I am having the same issue. Hope someone can help 🙁
Here is an interesting twist of this story. I called Blu customer service. They recommended a hard reset, which I did and the problem was still there. They told me that if that did not solve the problem that the phone might be defective and I should replace it, which I also did. I got my replacement phone on Saturday. I set it up as usual and surprisingly the problem is still there with the 64GB micro sd card! So, it appears that the Blu Studio Energy does not support the 64GB cards, despite the company claiming it does.

I had the same issue and was able to fix it by adding 32GB of music to the phone. The phone recognizes the 64GB card just fine, but can’t move apps with more than 32GB free. Other app usage of the card seemed fine (e.g. Google Play Music cache, etc.).

Thanks for that info Brian… been working on this for a bit. But, FYI, it’s only a 90% fix. TiBu still can’t backup apps to the SD Card. But everything else seems to work (app installs via Play Store, Move Apps 2 SD).

Isanjib Karki

23 Sep 2015

I also have the same problem as Esteban described. I cannot move app into 64 gb sd card in my new blu studio energy phone. I did all the possible solutions discussed in the forum but still, the problem is same.

i have this problem as well. Has anyone heard of a fix or update for a 64GB SD Card?

i just installed a 16GB SD card – works perfectly well. So, I think Blu doesn’t support 64gb even though they claim they do.


I just tried a SanDisk Ultra 64gb Micro-SD Card on my Blu Studio Energy 2, and had the same issue; it wouldn’t see the it. The issue was the format; it’s formatted as ExFAT, and it seems that it needs to be FAT32, for Blu to recognize it; which my Windows 8.1 couldn’t format it to.

I had to use a program called “SmartDisk_FAT32_tool” to change the format to FAT32, and it now works on my phone. The link below will take you to the guide. It’ll only takes like 3 minutes


Tool download link:!mZwWmCAQ!bo9qnC99_5TQq17nRODkh38wqA9yRNNVgzUepzWcxlw

Thanks all here for the wonderful suggestions. Blue phone didn’t recognize my 64GB SD card. I took the advice here and reformatted to FAT32 and it worked!!

However, for me the SmartDisk_FAT32_tool didn’t work (I am on Windows 10). It didn’t see the drive at all. So, I tried the solution @

and got Macrorit Disk Partition Expert  from

and that worked brilliantly on Windows 10. Just be aware that the reformatting only takes effect after you “COMMIT” in the tool. HTH

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