How to Track your Phone when Lost / Stolen



Android Phones:

PART A: ONLY SAMSUNG PHONES: Sign up for a ‘Samsung Account’

1. Goto ‘Settings’ Then Click on ‘Accounts’

2. Add account ‘Samsung account’

3. A popup might appear ‘update the Samsung app or services’, Click Yes,

4. If there is no popup than click ‘Create Account’ – Fill in the blanks & Click ‘SignUp’

5. Now you are Protected “Goto to login & test to trace the location of your mobile.

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PART B: ANY ANDROID PHONE: Install “Android Device Manager”

1. Open ‘Google Play Store’

2. Search for ‘Android Device Manager’ and Install it

3. Open the App & Click Accept,

4. Login in your gmail account to see how the Function of ‘Locating your mobile is done’

5. You can even Goto “” to login and ‘Locate the location of your phone’



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