How to switch from Android to iPhone

Moving to iOS? There’s an app for that


Apple has made a few Android apps, where two of them are music apps and the third is “Move to iOS” designed to make switching from Android to iOS easy.

How to switch from Apple to Android – Coming Soon…

‘Move to iOS’ app was introduced in iOS 9 and its available from all versions after this and it supports iPhones from iPhone 5 and later models including iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPads from 4th generation, iPad minis from 2nd generation & iPod Touch from 6th generation. On Android, you will need OS version 4.0 or later to run the app.


First Step

For the app to work properly, make sure you have full charge on the devices and don’t set up your iPhone or iOS device, if you did, then reset the iPhone to factory, then install the ‘Move to iOS app’ on Android device.

Make sure your Android device is connected to a Wi-Fi spot and make sure you have enough space on your iOS device for a successful transfer.

Note: Before transfer, clean your Android phone as much as possible, don’t use “Clean Master” or any other app. Do this manually by “Deleting any unwanted apps, photos and media” – this is your chance for getting rid of unwanted apps or media of no use, so that when you transfer to iOS, you don’t get storage problems.

2. Get your iOS device ready

Now you can start to set up your iOS device. When you get to the Apps & Data screen you should see an option to Move Data from Android.

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3. Open the app in Android

On your Android device, open Move to iOS app and accept the terms and conditions. You should now see the Find Your Code screen and a tempting ‘Next’ link. Tap on it.

4. Get the code

Back to your iOS device. You should now see a Continue link on the Move from Android screen. Tap on it, and you should now see a code displayed. You’ll need to give this code to your Android device.

Transfer Data screen. This enables you to choose what content to transfer: the options include contacts, message history, photos and videos you’ve taken, web bookmarks, email accounts and calendars.

Apple also tries to match free apps with their iOS equivalents if Apple-friendly versions are available.

5. Wait

As you’d expect, transferring your stuff can take a while – and even when your Android device says the job’s done, the iOS device may still be showing a progress bar.

Don’t do anything on either device until that progress bar has completed too.

6. Finish the job

Once the progress bar finishes on your iOS device, Tap Done on Android and Continue on iOS to finish setting up your phone.

That should be it… you might not find it’s perfect, but you’ll be a lot closer than if you’d had to start completely from scratch.



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