How To Prevent Theft and Protect Data ?


By taking the steps below, there is high chances that your laptop & phone will be found whether it was misplaced or stolen. Protect yourself now before its too late.

Download Prey – Anti-Theft, it’s free for anyone to use and it works on major operating systems, it lets you keep track if your laptop & phone together at all times and the app will help you find it if it ever gets stolen or lost. Download Links are below.

How To Prevent Theft and Protect Data – Watch the Video “What is Prey-Anti-Theft ?


Prey App Features:

Geo-location using both GPS and Wi-FI / Mobile Data, so make sure your location and internet is always turned on, when the phone is left un-attended.

Sound Alarm: You can trigger from the settings to sound the alarm for 30 seconds so you can find the device if it’s around you.

Display message on device: You can display a message on your lost phone.

Toggle camouflage: Hides the Prey icon from the Phone/Table drawer (Android) or shows a fake game on iOS devices.

Lock Device: It locks the laptop or phone from being used until a password is entered.


Download Prey for your laptop or phone, and then follow the setup instructions to get your device protected.

Step 1. Download the App for Android, Apple, Smart-Phone & Windows or Mac-OS Laptop

Step 2. Open the “App” & Click ‘Sign Up

Step 3. Fill the “Form” & Click “Create my New Account

Step 4. Click “Activate“, where the app will ask you to “Activate Device Administrator“.

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What is “Activate Device Administrator” ?

Activating the administrator will allow the Prey App to perform a few operations which will give you benefit when you want to control your phone or laptop when misplaced or stolen.

What you can control on the app & more:

  • Erase All Data
  • Change the Screen Unlock Password
  • Monitor Screen-Unlock attempts
  • Lock the Screen

Step 5. Since you are a New User Click “What can Prey do for you?” at the bottom of the page to learn more about the app. In-case you don’t find it here, Watch the video below.

Step 6. Enter your “Password” & Login. “Now you will see the Devices in your Account“.


Advance Options – More Security

Step 1. Once logged in, Click “Return” and Click “Configure Prey Settings

Step 2.Switch ON “Disable Power Menu

Step 3. Click “Prey Secuirty PIN” for (SMS Commands) when the phone is lost or stolen, you can send SMS commands to trigger your phone to .

Step 3 Cont’d. Click “SMS Commands” and Enable It & Learn how to use the commands.

Step 4. Then Click Return Twice.

Step 5. Click “Prey Account

Step 6. Click the top Left button & Click “Settings” for further options to setup.

Step 7. Click “Device Management” & Switch ON “Auto Connect” & “Auto Update“.

Step 8. You are now secured. Test the app to know it better.

Will be updated Soon for Laptop Setup