How to Get a Drone Permit in Tanzania ?

Get your Drone Permit for Arusha, Dodoma, Iringa, Kigoma, Mbeya, Morogoro, Moshi, Mtwara, Mwanza, Singida, Tanga & Other Parts of Tanzania


Get your Drone Permit & Fly in Tanzania


The import of drones is permitted in Tanzania. However, it is not permitted to fly in the country or over national parks without a special permit.

According to our research, you need to get a special permit to import and operate your drone in Tanzania or over the National Parks. They are set of rules for such users where the aircraft have to be less than 7 kilograms of take-off mass (Light RPAS).

If you read in some articles online, it talks about having a “Drone Qualification or Licence”, we interviewed TCAA & Ministry of Defense concerning this, they mentioned that the user should know how to fly a Drone when acquiring the Permit. So if you are coming from abroad, we would recommend you bringing your country’s Drone Permit or Certificate with you to Tanzania. 


If you are bringing a drone in Tanzania in its original packaging box, you will have to pay import duties and tax at the airport + show proof that the drone is registered by TCAA & Ministry of Defense in Tanzania.

I know the rule sounds impossible, but that’s how the TCAA & Ministry of Defense has made it.

And if it’s your personal drone, we would recommend you to remove it from the box and use a shoulder bag to carry the drone to escape the import and duty charges. But still in this condition you still have to register the drone.

Just for you to know how the procedure works ? please see the steps below:

Please follow the below steps to register your DroneIf you are bringing your drone from abroad to Tanzania OR buying the Drone locally in Tanzania you can appoint us to process your application. (Updated September 2019)

1. Read this Document to Understand the Drone Laws in Tanzania for  “Unmanned Aircraft Systems” (TCAA, 2018). 

2. If you want to appoint us to process your Permit, Please get in touch with us,

3. We will apply on your behalf and fill all required documents for you to get the Permit from TCAA & Ministry of Defense to authorize you to import & operate the Drone,

4. We will update you all the way (Don’t worry),

5. After submitting all documents, we will receive a reply in about 7-30 days upon submission, 

6. We will pick up your (Permit) once ready and forward it to you,

7. Freely enter Tanzania without any problem. Always Keep the permit with you at all times when flying the drone.

(For us to start the process, you first need to clear the SERVICE FEE. Then will start the process to apply for your permit on your behalf). See below for more information.

If you have any questions, Please contact the Agent (Drone Registrar) on      

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Written by Zuher K
**Updated September 2019**

We have researched the drone regulations for Tanzania by interviewing TCAA & Ministry of Defense. We can guarantee that the information above is correct. To be on the safe side, contact your embassy in your country for further information about the Drone Regulations or contact the “Drone Registrar in Tanzania to help you acquire the permit & provide you more info (See above).


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  1. Hi
    what about lightweight mini drones, do you need a permit for the new “DJI Mini” (249g) – since there is no Registration for such mini drones in EU, I wonder how to get a license.
    …or if I even need one for such a light weight drone?
    Kind Regards

  2. Hello
    from the attached document (par. 6.3), it seems that to obtain a permit to fly a light unmanned aircraft, even for recreational purposes, an insurance cover is needed.
    Do you also provide support to obtain such insurance?
    Thank you.

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