How to fix problems with iOS 11 update

Solutions for iOS 11 bugs

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Update: Apple just posted iOS 11.0.1 update, which should fix the bugs. If that doesn’t work, please continue reading the guide below.

Note: Before you update the iOS 11, you should first create a backup of your iPhone. Problems can arise during software updates and having a recent backup can save your from problems.

Ways to back up your iPhone and iPad:


1. One of the most preferable way to backup up your iPhone or iPad is by using iTunes to create an iPhone backup.

2. Back up your iPhone to Google Drive or Dropbox

In your PC, go to file explorer, head on over to:

Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup

Find your latest backup, right click it, press copy, select your Google Drive folder, and press paste. Your backup should now be uploading to Google Drive, and depending on internet speed and how big the backup file is, this could take some time. For Mac users, you’ll want to go to:

Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

Then just copy and paste the backup folder in your Google Drive folder, as instructed above.

To make sure you’re set up with iCloud, unlock your device, head into Settings > iCloud, and ensure all of the apps, documents and data you want in the cloud are actively being backed up. For some apps, such as Notes and Mail, you’ll need to create a free email address.


1. Can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network

Some users have reported that their iPhone no longer allows them to join to their Wi-Fi network.

Steps to try resolving this issue would be:

  • Forget the Wi-Fi network on your device and log in again.
  • You can also attempt to reset the network settings of your device by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings – (don’t worry, this fix shouldn’t erase anything on your phone).
  • Reset the Wi-Fi router
  • Reset your phone to factory settings OR revert back to iOS 10 and wait for a fix to come from Apple.

2. Some apps are not working properly

If you’ve some old apps for a while now without updating them (either because you don’t update them or because the developer hasn’t posted an update) then they may not work well with iOS 11.

3. Your iPhone’s storage is nearly to full

Some users has reported that after updating to iOS 11, the phone began to slowly increase the system storage on their device until the phone was nearly full.Currently, there’s no any resolution for this issue, the best thing to do is revert back to you old backup that is before updating to iOS 11.

4. The Home button is slow to wake up the device

Some users have posted that, after updating their old iPhones to iOS 11, their lock screen freezes for about 10 seconds before letting them use their device. This is really disturbing especially when you want to check your notifications every now and then.

If this problem continues more than a week, it will be better to restore your phone to the recent backup and wait for Apple to issue an update.

5. Poor battery life with iOS 11

With Apple’s new updates, it comes with a host of problems such as users who have updated their older iphones to the new updates have battery drain issues etc.

Older apps which have not been updated may cause problems to the update of iOS 11.

You can check to see what apps are draining down your battery by going into. Settings > Battery. If you see any apps that you hardly use and are draining your battery, it will be best to either disable them until the new update arrives or you can uninstall them to save storage space.

Note: We also suggest to turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when you’re not using them. You should also lower the brightness of your screen and disable apps refreshing in the background (Settings > General > Background App Refresh). as the new iOS update may take some time to adjust to your phone, the process can even take days.

6. Your device is overheating

They are many reasons why your phone overheats, software updates is one of them,you can solve the overheating by turning the phone off, keeping it out of direct sunlight or other heat sources like the top of your computer CPU or laptop or any other appliance. Sometimes its even better to remove it from your case for it to get some air. Charging the device will not help cool it down, wait until your device is cool enough to plug it back in.

If your device is continuously overheating when it didn’t usually before, then you might consider restoring an earlier backup of your device. A short battery life may be annoying, but overheating can seriously damage your device, and iTunes won’t restore your device if its cooked.

7. Power button isn’t working

If your device power button stops working, you can switch off your device down in the menu by going to Setting>General, and scroll to the bottom of the list, where you’ll see a “Shut down” option  to turn your device off. – This helps when your phone is overheating and you have to switch off to cool the device.

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8. iOS 11 won’t let you send email with Outlook/Exchange

Apple has found a bug that’s preventing some iOS 11 users from sending emails, The error message you get “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server.” Unfortunately, if this is the case for you, you may have to wait until Apple and Microsoft sort out the issue and use a different device to send those emails.

9. Messages not backing up to iCloud and deletions not syncing

Apple planned to make it very easy to backup your Messages to the iCloud. Messages would even be synced across other devices, so that you wouldn’t have to delete a conversation on every single one of your Apple devices. That is really a great new feature.

Unfortunately, this feature is not out yet. Apple has this feature planned for iOS 11, but looks like it will come out later in the new updates.

10. Can’t make Apple Pay payments to friends

Well, this is another iOS 11 feature that isn’t coming with the operating system at launch. If you’re trying to make direct payments to friend using Apple Pay, you will be disappointed as you will get other apps to accomplish this, but to get Apple Pay working, you’ll have to wait for a future update of iOS 11.

11. Can’t use Animoji

Unfortunately, no one can use Animoji right now. It’s only available on the iPhone X. If you desperately want to use Animoji, then the only fix is to purchase the iPhone X.

12. Siri sounds different

Yes, with the iOS upadte, Siri speaks differently, making her sound more naturally and less like robotic. If you don’t like this new improvements then there nothing you can do to change this, one option might be to stay with an older iOS update.

13. Someone is taking pictures of you during FaceTime calls

The iOS 11 update gives users the option to take screen shots of the person on the other end, so if you don’t want to the person on the other end taking screenshots of you, you can disallow the feature by going to Settings > FaceTime and disabling FaceTime Live Photos. The other person will still be able to take normal screenshots though, but woun’t be able to use the FaceTime feature..

14. You can’t get iOS 11

iOS 11 is available for a lot of devices, but Apple hasn’t made this iOS update available for all of its past iPhones and iPads. The simple answer is that you need a device at least as new as the iPhone 6 or iPhone SE, the 6th-gen iPod touch, an iPad Pro, an iPad Mini 2, or an iPad Air.

Older Apple devices are not supported for iOS 11 update, so the only fix here is to grab a new device.

We can help you get a  Brand New Apple device in Tanzania, if you want to upgrade your current device.

15. The update just doesn’t start

If you have a device compatible with iOS 11 but for some reason can’t get the new operating system to download, there are a few possible explanations. If you don’t have space for the new OS to download onto your phone, you may need to free up a couple gigabytes of space on your phone before you can download and start the update. You can also plug your phone into your computer, and download and install the iOS 11 update through iTunes.

Your phone may just not be responding to your command to download iOS 11 and install it. If that’s the case, you can restart the phone or try force closing the Settings app. To do this, go to the app switching screen on your iPhone or iPad, find the settings app, and swipe up.

OR The update did not go as planned

If you’ve updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest update of iOS 11 and you are not happy with the update because of battery drain, overheating, its look and feel or any other problem, then there is fix for this.

You can restore your device to a recent backup you created before the iOS111 update. you can just restore your device with the backup you (hopefully) created.

We have a guide for you on both how to backup and restore your iPhone or iPad at the top of this post.

OR Your phone won’t start at all after the update

In a worst case scenario, where after iOS 11 update, your phone is not switching on and you have important photos and videos in your device, then you might not have followed the notes i have posted above, and that is taking a backup of your device before updating to iOS 11. In case the update has bricked your phones, then taking it to the Apple Service Center might be your only choice.

Hope this post has helped you in any way to understand the bugs and solutions of the iOS 11 update.



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