How to connect to 3G Internet (Settings)


How to connect to 3G internet
1). Turn on the tab
2). Put 3G SIM card in the slot of a 3G modern; make sure the SIM card is activated for internet service
3). Connect the modern to the tab with an OTG cable
4). Wait and check the signal in the task bar of the tab and the light in the modern.

Web & MMS Settings (3G Network) for Du United Arab Emirates

     These are the settings to enable to use Data, MMS and WAP services on a mobile phone on the Du’s mobile network in United Arab Emirates.
          1). make sure there is still balance left in your phone No. account.
          2). Put in your SIM card and turn on the phone
          3). Go Settings – wireless & networks – more – mobile networks – access point names
          4). If there is APN setting available, for example, du, click to enter; If there is no existing APN setting, press menu button to create New APN.
          5). Revise the settings as follow and save the setting:

If your service provider is Etisalat, Revise the settings as follow and save:
You need to create two new APN (one is Etisalat, one is etisalat)

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1)). Create the access point for MMS as following and save the APN.

2)). Create the access point for web browsing as following and save the APN.


The Solution for Pulling Out SIM CARD Problem

    Method 1
When the Micro-SIM card is out, but the SIM case is still inside.

Insert the micro-sim card again.
Press the edge of the SIM slot with your finger, and try to pull out.

    Method 2
Before inserting the SIM card, you can make a DIY to prevent that happen again.
Clip the electrical tape as big as the SIM slot, and stick it in front of the slot.

After that, it won’t be easy to stuck inside.


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