Hi.Mirror – World’s First Personal Beauty Consultant

Smart Mirror with Built-in Camera & AI


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is home to some brilliant tech showcase ever year where you will find some of the weirdest tech ever.

An example to one of the weirdest tech is a internet-connected bathroom smart mirror with a built-in camera that analyzes your face using their incredible tech the Hi.Mirror together with Amazon Alexa voice-activated digital assistant and Artificial Intelligence to find out every flaw, dark circle, sports, pimple, wrinkle on your face and provides you with skincare tips to improve and track your beauty goals over time and even record the results of the beauty products you use.

At #CES-2018, Hi.Mirror launched a Personal Beauty Smart Mirror which helps consumer find flaws on their face and provide tips to a better skin. To accomplish this, they collect data all over the world about skin conditions and skincare products which are then programmed into the smart mirror.

Hi.Mirror is not only a smart beauty mirror, it even has an ‘entertainment center’ that features weather forecasts, news stories, makeup tutorials and music and lastly it can scan the bar-codes of your skincare products to keep track of your inventory and set up reminders of product expiry.

With the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant you can ask questions on weather forecast, the time without putting down your makeup brushes. You can even order beauty products on Amazon from their online retail site.

More companies are coming up with technologies that can help consumers make their life easy and simple.

Watch how the Smart Tech Hi.Mirror Video can help you achieve your beauty goals

HiMirror – Your Virtual Beauty and Health Consultant is available on Pre-Order



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