Halotel – Viettel Tanzania Ltd


Halotel is the brand name of Viettel Tanzania Ltd, a member of Viettel Group. Viettel is the biggest telecom group in Vietnam with nearly USD 10 billion revenue in 2014. Apart from Vietnam, Viettel has invested in telecommunications sector in 09 countries across 03 continents, including: Cambodia, Laos, Timor Leste for Asia, Mozambique, Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania for Africa and Haiti, Peru for America. We are happy to start from 15 Oct 2015, providing our mobile services at 29 shops across the country.

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halotel office locations


Halotel Tanzania Internet Settings:

Name: halotel
APN: b_internet

Hapo lazima uweke underscore yaani (_) na si dash (-)


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