Facebook Now Lets You Shoot 360-Degree Photos Inside it’s App

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Facebook has uploaded a feature for users to upload and view 360 degree photos over a year and now they are adding the ability to capture them too. From today, both Android & iOS Facebook Apps will allow users to create 360 degree photos without downloading 3rd party apps or extra camera.

The 360 degree capture is a similar process as ‘Panorama’ where you use the phone’s camera to capture it without the phone having 360 degree camera built-in. To create the photos, on the Facebook app, scroll to the top of the News Feed and click ‘360 Photo’. Hold your phone and take a slow spin around (full turn). When done, you can choose the ‘starting point’ of the photo and publish it. You can even set it as your cover photo. How amazing is that…

Since that capture process isn’t instantaneous, the update only applies to 360-degree photos for now. While Facebook supports 360-degree videos, you’ll still need to shoot those with a camera like the Samsung Gear 360, Insta360, or Nikon KeyMission 360, and upload them separately.


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