DJI’s tTiny New & Cheapest Spark Drone that Fits on your Palm


The big news at DJI’s event in New York City the world’s largest consumer drone maker with last years folding Mavic Pro drone and now its back over six months later with Spark a palm sized drone that is smaller then the Mavic.

The drone is available at $499 and experts find anything below $1000 is good play for the company’s generally high quality products, even though its not cheap compared to the budget drones that are flooded in the market, but spark is different as the functionality that the company has put into this thing, truly the Spark could be DJI’s success.

Even though the Spark is small, it has impressive tricks where it can take off from the palm of your hands and land back in it with little hassle, it has a gesture-based control, about which the assembled press made audibly excited mumbled comparisons to Star Wars.  And there’s a selfie function, too. Smiling with you arms folded will trigger the picture taking functionality.


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