DJI Officially opens a Drone Racing Arena


DJI has already opened physical stores in South Korea & China and now they are expanding to target other consumers with the Indoor Drone Arena where it has built in a 1,395 square meter of space. It will have safety nets, LED light circuit, workshop for carrying out small repairs.

The reason for the Drone Arena is that DJI wants to make it easier for consumers to learn how to fly their Drones and the location will also give UAV clubs to book the arena for racing events and learning tutorials for the beginners. The Drone Arena will be a safe and fun area for people to experience the technology at first hand.

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Now-days, they are so many restrictions around countries with new laws about flying around without permission. With the new Drone Arena, it will be a safe place for beginners and advanced pilots to try out their drones without any flying restrictions.

And maybe in the future they will be more Drone Arena’s and it will be taken as a standard, must to have for sports stadium, as it might be the future in sports.


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