DJI is Introducing Racing Drones


DJI Snail Propulsion System is made specially for racing to give racers a winning edge. It is tuned and engineered by DJI’s propulsion experts to add new levels of power and flexibility to the racers.

The DJI Propulsion System (is a machine that produces thrust to push an object forward) namely Snail & Takyon are geared towards building and customize your own racing drone with DJI’s new propulsion systems and ESC’s.

And this will lead to Racing Events at the new Drone Arena in South Korea.


Snail Propulsion System Features:

  • High Performance 32bit 100MHz MCU Chip,
  • 140km/h Forward Flight Optimization,
  • Rapid Response,
  • Light weight:1.32kg +
  • & More…

With all the Snail components put together including Racing Propulsion System, ESC programmer, Racing Motor, Propellers + Adapter, Racing ESC, Quick Release Propellor Adapter, it can form a Racing Drone built and customized just for you.

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Takyon ESC (electronic speed control) is a component that varies (and potentially brakes) the rotational speed of, or changes to the direction of the shaft of an electric motor.

Takyon is a custom-designed System on a Chip (SOC) and a modular board combine with efficient and intelligent motor control algorithms to make the DJI Takyon series ESCs extraordinarily fast and ultra-accurate motor control systems. Using the brand new and intuitive DJI Assistant 2, configuring a wide range of parameters to optimize performance is effortless and firmware updates are easier than ever.


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