Control Any Smart Device, Simply by Waving at it


Having a touch screen device has become basic at this point, they are easy to use when your eyes and hands are free, but its challenging when you’re driving, cooking or having a romantic dinner and trying to simultaneously change the lighting of the ambience, change a song or send an important text.

The future has arrived and we have a new device that allows you to safely and easily control your phone without taking your eyes off the road with the Bixi Touch-Free Smart Controller.

This touch-free smart controller lets you interact with your phone just by waving your hand over the Bixi sensor and performing in-air gestures. It’s great for your home, work or car with all of your favorite apps and products like LifX, Hue bulbs, Bluetooth speakers, GoPro, and other IoT devices.


Bixi also lets you multi task two apps or devices at the same time so you can snap an awesome video with your GoPro or skip to the next song and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. The Bixi Touch-Free Smart Controller is priced at $99.


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