CES 2018: LG Shows Off TV That Rolls Up Like a Poster

Foldable TV


­A few years ago, LG showed off an 18-inch OLED Display prototype that could be bent and rolled up like a poster. Today at CES2018 the LG has managed to create a Display of 65-inches that is dimensions of a large TV that even can roll up like a newspaper.


The LG Display 65-inch rollable OLED TV (4K) was demonstrated at CES2018.

Why would you want to get a rollable 65-inch TV ? Simple, The TV can be stored back in the box, in case you want to move it.

Competitive Future

LG is not alone on the idea of a foldable or rollable TV displays which was showed off in the past at CES. Samsung has also showed off the YUOM prototypes back in 2012 and recently in its Galaxy S-series smartphones wirh edge screens and is expected to also bring rollable smartphones to the market starting off with Galaxy X.

LG and Samsung are competiting with who is going to introduce foldable smartphones, TVs or other foldable devices to the consumer market.

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We have to see who will succeed to be the first to launch a foldable device, whether LG or Samsung or other comeptitors.

Acoording to LG, the 65-inch rollable prototype TV will be launched this year.


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