Blank Screen when during a call


I. for X401 and X506

          1). Turn off the phone
          2). Press & hold power & volume down button, then enter Factory mode
          3). Go PS Calibration
          4). Clear Calibration
          5). Do Calibration, meanwhile keep your palm 3 cm away from the sensor (near front camera) for about 5 seconds
6). If it suggest ok, reboot the phone.

Pictures guide (special thanks for supporting from Isham Mohamed Iqbal)

II. for X403

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Setting –> Display –> select Proximity Sensor Cablibration –> OK

III. for X507 / X507S

Setting –> Display –> select Als_ps calibration –> cover the two black points between front camera and speaker with finger (the distance between finger and the points should be about 5mm-15mm) –>select calibrate (keep covering the two black points) –> the blue circle become green –> OK


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