Apple’s Signature Earbuds were Inspired by Star Wars


Apple’s plastic earbuds, current EarPods and Airpods were inspired by Star Wars Soldiers (Stormtroopers). The Stormtroopers are fully covered in white plastic body armor and Apple earbuds are covered in a similar plastic white shell. The classic earbud look is what helped Apple create a paermanent advertiisg campaign for the original iPod product line and also the current AirPods.

Apple’s designer ‘Jony Ive’ told Star Wars director JJ Abrams, that he was thinking of Stormtrooper when designing the Apple earbuds.

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This is excellent information to have, since it means that when I wear my AirPods while donning full Stormtrooper regalia (I’m always only a single impulsive act away from buying a prop-quality set of full Stormtrooper armor), I won’t be doing anything wrong from a design canon perspective.


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