Apple Watch Saves KiteSurfer from Shark Attack


According to Daily Mail, A Kitsurfer named by #JohnZilles revealed how the Apple Watch saved his life from a shark attack. He was stranded a mile of the cost of California when his kite fell down and since the water was calm it was not possible to fly it again.

He spent 20 minutes trying to get his kite back up but it wasn’t working out so he got his stuff together and started to swim to shore which was difficult as he had alot of gear to carry.

As he was swimming to shore, which he estimated it would take two hours. He remembered his Apple Watch could make calls.

‘Earlier this year Apple revealed the cellular capabilities in its Series 3 range, which used the screen as an antenna, meaning it can work without a phone’.

The phone signal was strong, so he made a call to his family to let them know his kite crashed and will be home late, he then called back to get the Coast Guards number just in case.

While he was kicking back to shore, he realized that it was getting late and remembered about the shark sightings in the area.

Since he had alot of gear and the currents were strong, it was taking him time to reach to shore. While he was kicking to shore, something hard in the water touched him and thought it was a shark but it turned out to be his kit.

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He was terrified and didn’t want to take any more chances in the water and decided to take help. So he called the Ventura Harbor Patrols and explained his situation and then he called the Coast Guard and directed them to his location for rescue.

He was lucky the calling feature in the Apple Watch helped him otherwise you never know who you may find in the sea.

So the officers sent a boat and asked to call back if he saw them. After 15 minutes later he spotted the boat but they were going the wrong way, so he called back and explained the location and they found him.

Zilles, the Kitsurfer said he got the watch so that he could be reachable at any time. He said he’d seen people using waterproof cases for their phones but didn’t want to risk it and instead bought an Apple Watch as he leaves his phone at home most of the time due to addiction of phones.

Zilles was impressed with the calling capabilities in his watch and wrote to the Apple CEO Tim Cook to tell his story and reply came back saying ‘wow. happy to hear you are safe.’

And that’s it guys, if you are out kitsurfing or on any activity, don’t forget to keep a smart-watch in case of any situation and dont ignore even if something is tickling your feet, be ready to make that call, cheers.


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