Android Users – Be Warned your Data is Compromised with Google Play Store apps that steal YOUR pictures

Google deletes dodgy camera applications that compromise users’ private data


Are you fond of using beauty camera apps in order for you to look great in pictures?

Well, Google has just deleted around 29 of these applications due to users sensitive information being compromised. The application developers are not just pushing pornographic content and unwanted ads to users, but also they are potentially stealing your private photos without you knowing.

Cyber Security experts at Trend Micro have discovered these apps and have warned users to uninstall the apps immediately before being more affected. These apps have been mostly downloaded in Asia, particularly India.

“Some of these have already been downloaded millions of times… A large number of the download counts originated from Asia – particularly in India,” according to the cybersecurity @ Trend micro.

The camera applications are widely popular among social media fans, as some of them “beautify” their pictures or experiment with different filters and makeup looks before sharing on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms.

Researchers at Trend Micro warned that when users who have installed the apps would recieve unwanted ads such as pornographic content poping up on their screen, clicking on these pop-ups, nothing will play, even after the user makes a payment and executes the player.

Some of these apps also forward users to phishing websites so that they can gather personal information about the users including home addresses and phone numbers.

Here are the apps that are believed to be malicious:

Pro Camera Beauty

Cartoon Art Photo
Emoji Camera

Artistic effect Filter

Art Editor

Beauty Camera

Selfie Camera Pro

Horizon Beauty Camera

Super Camera

Art Effects for Photo

Awesome Cartoon Art

Art Filter Photo

Art Filter Photo Effcts

Cartoon Effect

Art Effect

Photo Editor

Wallpapers HD

Magic Art Filter Photo Editor

Fill Art Photo Editor


Art Filter

Cartoon Art Photo

Be careful with such mobile applications, share this post with your friends and warn them before they become a target. Comment below if you have been a target of an app and specify the app name so that other users reading this post are aware.


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