AKITA Guards Your Smart Home System

AKITA is designed to protect your smart home from hackers and unauthorized access.


If you are concerned about your privacy and security of your smart home system such as your CCTV, Laptop, Smartphone or any other IoT devices then installing AKITA would help keep your home secured.

AKITA guards your home and provides extra secuirty when anything unusual is detected. It also equipped with smart technology where AKITA learns your smart home system over time and updates it’s system with high level of security. The setup and monitoring is easy and hassle free. You can watch a demonstration video below to learn more about AKITA smart home privacy system.

The designers of AKITA explain how the device can help secure your smart home system by blocking unauthorized access and provide notifications if something is detected thanks to their Android and iOS mobile apps.

How AKITA Works:

“Akita scans your network for any unusual activity and immediately shuts it down. All-the-while letting you know an attempt was made to invade your privacy. Akita uses military-grade security protection that’s been retrofitted for the home. Then, if you run into any issues, we can remotely preserve and restore your privacy with the help of our always on-call privacy experts at Akita uses threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, machine learning and doesn’t slow your connection at all. Importantly, it doesn’t use deep packet inspection.

The IPS security method means that Akita analyses sources that IoT devices should be communicating with and instantly flags any anomalies. If anything comes up, our experts at are on standby for any of your security concerns. Unlike some riskier solutions, we don’t utilize DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).”

AKITA is available for $79 for earlybird pledges and will be shipped around April 2018. For more information visit AKITA Kickstarter campaign.