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    YouTube TV is Now Available on Samsung & LG Smart TVs

    Google has officially launched #YouTubeTV App and is now available on Android TV powered devices including Samsung & LG Smart TVs, however the app is only available on the 2016 and 2017 Smart TV models.

    #Google has said that the YouTube App will soon be available for older models; 2014 and 2015, but they have not given the exact date of the roll out.

    People with older #Samsung or #LG Smart TVs will have to wait to access the YouTube TV App.

    Sony TVs and Apple TV boxes are also mentioned for the Youtube TV App roll out, but it only states that support is “coming soon”.

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    Honor Takes a Hit at OnePlus With New Smartphone Teaser

    #Huawei’s brand #Honor will launch a new smartphone next month, the company had sent out teasers on its Twitter page which reads “Max your View” and they even posted December 5th as launch date, although they haven’t revealed any specifications or name of the smartphone, but looking at the image, you can tell the phone may have thin bezels and 18:9 aspect ratio display.

    It’s clear that the message is stating that Honor will be better than the new #OnePlus5T. The tweet starts with “A New View” which OnePlus had used on its teaser for the OnePlus 5T smartphone.

    The Honor smartphone event will take place in London on December 5th.

    Stay Tuned for More Technology Updates.

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    Apple Watch Saves KiteSurfer from Shark Attack

    According to Daily Mail, A Kitsurfer named by #JohnZilles revealed how the Apple Watch saved his life from a shark attack. He was stranded a mile of the cost of California when his kite fell down and since the water was calm it was not possible to fly it again.

    He spent 20 minutes trying to get his kite back up but it wasn’t working out so he got his stuff together and started to swim to shore which was difficult as he had alot of gear to carry.

    As he was swimming to shore, which he estimated it would take two hours. He remembered his Apple Watch could make calls.

    ‘Earlier this year Apple revealed the cellular capabilities in its Series 3 range, which used the screen as an antenna, meaning it can work without a phone’.

    The phone signal was strong, so he made a call to his family to let them know his kite crashed and will be home late, he then called back to get the Coast Guards number just in case.

    While he was kicking back to shore, he realized that it was getting late and remembered about the shark sightings in the area.

    Since he had alot of gear and the currents were strong, it was taking him time to reach to shore. While he was kicking to shore, something hard in the water touched him and thought it was a shark but it turned out to be his kit.

    He was terrified and didn’t want to take any more chances in the water and decided to take help. So he called the Ventura Harbor Patrols and explained his situation and then he called the Coast Guard and directed them to his location for rescue.

    He was lucky the calling feature in the Apple Watch helped him otherwise you never know who you may find in the sea.

    So the officers sent a boat and asked to call back if he saw them. After 15 minutes later he spotted the boat but they were going the wrong way, so he called back and explained the location and they found him.

    Zilles, the Kitsurfer said he got the watch so that he could be reachable at any time. He said he’d seen people using waterproof cases for their phones but didn’t want to risk it and instead bought an Apple Watch as he leaves his phone at home most of the time due to addiction of phones.

    Zilles was impressed with the calling capabilities in his watch and wrote to the Apple CEO Tim Cook to tell his story and reply came back saying ‘wow. happy to hear you are safe.’

    And that’s it guys, if you are out kitsurfing or on any activity, don’t forget to keep a smart-watch in case of any situation and dont ignore even if something is tickling your feet, be ready to make that call, cheers.

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    Apple to Introduce First Octa-Core CPU in Next Year’s iPad

    Apple iPad A11X chipset is rumored to comes with 8 cores and will be developed with a 7mm farbiction process. The A11X chipset will manufactured by the same chipmaker the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company).

    If the rumour is true them this will be the first Apple Chipset with 8 cores which consists of 3 performance cores and 5 power efficient cores.

    Even the rumours believes that Apple is likely to add 8 core A12 chipset to Next Years iPhone chipset.

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    Motorola’s Latest Moto Mod A Polaroid Printer

    Today #Motorola unveiled its latest #MotoMod collection; a Polaroid Insta-Share Printer which is compatible with most smartphones. The Mod has a physical shutter which you can use to launch the camera and take a photo. Users will be able to take photos from their gallery or Social Apps; Facebook, Instagram or Google and directly print them. The pictures will be printed on 2×3 inch ZINK paper.

    Moto Polariod Mod is not cheap considering other brands are available at a reseaonable price such as OneStep 2 for $99, FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 which comes in many colors for $70 and others.

    The Polaroid Insta-Share Moto Mod is available for $200 in the US and will be available in other countries soon.

    The Insta-Share Printer is not only pricy but even bulky. It won’t even fit in your pocket if you plan on carrying it around. Users will be able able to customise the photos with filters, borders and text before printing them.

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    Lynky is the First Google Assistant Speaker

    While #Google is working on a Smart Touchscreen Speaker, companies like #Lynky has introduced a Smart Home Speaker which features a 5-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 720 x 1280. It has two microphones for voice commands with Google Assistant built-in.

    Lynky is similar to Google where users can give voice commands and the speaker can follow your commands such as search the web, ask for traffic updates, save reminders on calendars, play music or even control your home with Smart Products.

    Lynky can be placed on a table or can be mounted on the wall.

    Lynky let’s you control your home appliances, lights and more.

    With Lynky’s built-in Scene and Rule engine, you can easily create scenes and rules simply by drag-and-drop. But don’t be fooled by this simplicity. For the power users, there is a full suite of home automation tech built-in…with conditions, triggers and scheduling. And speaking of schedules, Lynky’s Scheduler even lets you create alarms that are part of automations. (Your morning routine will never be quite the same again!)

    Lynky Smart Home Speaker Specs:

    Watch Video of Lynky Smart Home Speaker

    It will be available soon @BongoGadgets

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    Sony’s New Aibo Robot Dog to Go on Sale

    After a decade of introducing the first robot dog. The Japanase Electronics, Sony is set to bring the robot dog #Aibo back to the market. #Sony has improved ‘Aibo‘ and has added many cool tech and is capable of forming emotional connection with people like love, affection and joy of raising a companion.

    Aibo features OLED eyes which shows expressions and is capable of recognizing individual faces and a new mechanism that will allow the body to move smoothly.

    Aibo is capable of learning the layout of your house in order to avoid obsatcles and even take short cuts between locations instead of taking bigger rounds. Aibo features a Quad-core CPU, built in Wi-Fi and LTE with plethora of sensors, motors, speakers and four microphones. Aibo can last up to two hours of full charge and takes three hours to charge from 0 to 100.

    Watch Sony Aibo Robot Dog

    Aibo is available @BongoGadgets on Pre-order, shipping is scheduled end of January.

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    YouTube is Exposing Kids to Violent & Inappropriate Content: Report

    #YouTubeKids has become a popular site optimized for kids and keeping them away from violent and inappropriate content, but according to recent findings, it shows that YouTube is exposing children to disturbing content.

    According to #BusinessInsider and The New York Times, Inapporiate content of popular cartoons are available freely on YouTube and feature kid friendly characters commiting disturbing acts of violence and bloodshed.

    Even though YouTube made it clear that all videos on YouTube Kids are strictly checked but according to experts, the presence of such videos and easy access poses a great danger to the psychological development of children.

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    ‘HTC Ocean Harmony’ To Be Announced in December

    An upcoming HTC smartphone named ‘HTC Ocean, Ocean Lite and Ocean Harmony has emerged revealing the device specs and the release date. The upcoming HTC smartphones will be announced some time end of this year. Leak claims that the HTC Ocean Harmony may get announced in December.

    According to Leaks ‘HTC Ocean Harmony’ will be mid-range device and will feature edge sense squeeze functionality for executing various tasks like HTC U11 or U11+

    HTC Ocean Harmonys Leaked Specs:

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor
    4GB RAM
    64GB internal storage
    6-inch 2160 × 1080 display with 18:9 aspect ratio
    3930mAh battery

    However details about the camera and pricing is not known yet.

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    World’s First Cargo Drone Carries 1.5 Tonnes

    We have heard companies like Amazon and DHL introduce Drones for delivering products to their front door.

    Or other companies delivering first aid to remote locations.

    Delivering 1.5 tonnes of load is really something you have never heard or seen.

    A Chinese Cargo Drone proved its possible and made its first flight with that much load, making it one of the world’s most powerful UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for non military use.

    This goal was achieved by a group of Chinese institutions who developed this UAV named AT200 and took their first flight which lasted over 26 minutes in Shaanxi Province, China.

    The UAV can be used to transport freight to mountainous locations and it can be controlled upto a range of 2,184km with speeds upto 323kph.

    The aircraft can take off and land on a 200-metre-long runway smoothly.

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    Over 300 iPhone X Devices were Stolen Outside Apple Store

    According to #Apple, over 300 iPhoneX devices worth $370,000 were stolen from a UPS truck outside the Apple Store in San Francisco. The incident occurred between 11:15am and 11:30am on Wednesday where the driver locked and parked the truck outside the #Stonestown Galleria Mall and went to make a delivery nearby. During that time, three men disguised in hoodies managed to break in the truck and get away with $999+ iPhone X devices.

    It’s believed by the Police that this gateway was planned and the thieves tracked the truck and knew its whereabouts. UPS and Apple are working with the Police on the investigation, there might be able to track the devices using IMEI serial numbers.

    Customers who have ordered their iPhone X devices at Stonestown Apple Store would still get their device on time.

    It’s unlikely due to this incident, it will scratch Apple’s profits as the company is expecting to make over $84 billion sales in this quater of 2017.


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    Razer Launches The Ultimate Smartphone

    Razer, a Chinese gaming and laptop manufacturer has officially launched the Razer Phone, it’s been promoted as the ultimate in mobile entertainment. The device, which has the most modern look and design which might be the perfect phone for most of us.

    #RazerPhone Specs features a 5.7-inch LCD QHD 1440 x 2560 display that has the ability to provide higher refresh and frame rates specially for gaming. The Razer packs with Snapdragon 835 processor with a whopping 8Gigs of RAM which Razer claims it will let you run high powered apps with no lag. You also get 64GB of storage and a micro sd slot of up to 2TB.

    Razer has squeezed a 4,000mAh battery into its phone to give enough juice to last days. It’s supports Quick Charge 4 which should give you juice of 0% to 85% in one hour.

    The Razer Camera comes with dual 12MP rear camera with one being a telephoto f/2.4 lens and the other wide-angle f/1.7 while you get 8MP on the front.

    The Razer phone features a 120Hz display and is capable of up to 120fps to give the user a smooth viewing experience. It includes dual front facing speakers with dedicated amplifiers and high quality 24bit DAC for utmost listening experience tuned to Dolby Atmos Standards and Certified by #THX that is a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising audio quality.

    The device comes with stock Android 7.0 Nougat and an upgrade to Android Oreo 8.0 will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

    Razer has partnered up with developers to make a better experience for gaming users to run at full power of the Razer Phone’s GPU. They have even partnered with Nova to develop a custom #NovaLauncher UI specially for their smartphones.

    The Razer Phone is available on Pre-Orders and will ship on 17th November.

    #BongoGadgetsBlog #RazerLaunchesTheUltimateSmartphone

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