Don’t spend $50 on screen protectors for Samsung S8

Take this as an advice for those who like keeping their phones scratch-free: avoid buying $50 glass screen protectors for the Samsung S8 or 8+. Buying a piece of glass worth $50 for your phone is not worth the money, as its overpriced and even if you do get a cheaper one, it doesn’t sit well on your Galaxy S8 or 8+ or other curved phones, as many have complained that the screen becomes unresponsive sometimes and you have to press hard on a button for it to work. Most companies ripe you off when they recommend you get a screen protector as an add-on when you purchase a phone.

First, some background: curved smartphone screens have proven to be a real pain for Zagg and the dozens of companies on Amazon (that sell way cheaper tempered glass protectors) for some time now.

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You’ll find most screen protectors try to cover the display area only and not on edge-to-edge coverage, and if you get the full coverage screen protectors, they don’t stick well on the edge and it creates an air gap between the screen and the screen protector which reduces the touch sensitivity and screen quality, instead I would recommend getting a OEM Samsung S8 or S8+ Cover/Case instead of a Glass / Screen Protector, or wait until companies have found a way to resolve the problem.


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