Underwater drone for filmmakers or fishermen

The creator of the PowerEgg, have built a waterproof device which can record fishes underwater. The drone can be used in fresh & salt or chlorine water. It operates a depth of 30 meters and the power can last up to 4 hours.

The PowerRay Explorer (basic package) has a 50 meter cable that connects to the device back to a base station above water. The cable transmits power to and video from the PowerRay back to the base station. All PowerRays models features a 4K camera on board. ZEISS provides optical components to PowerVision.

The PowerRay Angler (mid-level package) helps fishermen find fishes underwater with the company’s “Powerseeker Fishfinder,” shining lights and dropping bait to attract them using a remotely operated “Bait Drop Line.”

The PowerRay Wizard edition includes a VR headset that lets users watch what they’re recording in a kind of immersive open water exploration that doesn’t require a wet-suit.

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The prices for PowerRays are from $1,715 to $2,250 and are being sold first in European markets.

PowerRay comes in 3 different packages:
  • • PowerRay Explorer: this package includes: PowerRay, Transmitter, and Base Station.
  • • PowerRay Angler: Includes everything in the PowerRay Explorer plus PowerSeeker Fishfinder and Bait Drop Line.
  • • PowerRay Wizard: Includes everything in the PowerRay Angler plus VR Goggle.

More Features:

PowerSeeker FishFinder

The detachable PowerSeeker FishFinder can be used as a stand-alone device.

Detailed information on fish distribution, underwater temperature, depth, underwater landscape, and fish alerts are all available on the mobile app.

Precision Remote Bait Drop

The optional add-on function is designed for users to place the fish hook at a desired location.

It will be soon available for purchase at


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