E-Ink screen on the back of your iPhone 7


InkCase for iPhone 7 is the world’s lightest E-Ink display featuring a 4.3inch display which is always on. Previously InkCase also had made the case for iPhone 6 & 6S.

InkCase is a useful tool for those who want their phones to consume less power by reading books or other content in black and white, a similar technology was even used on ‘Pebble Smartwatches‘, which was successful because of its technology of E-Ink display where the watch lasted 5-10 days.

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The InkCase requires no power to display text or image, the battery takes very little power when content is refreshed.

You can Pre-Order the case for iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 at

The iPhone 7 Plus version is expected to be available in sometime in 2017.


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