Zooper – Best Customization Widget for your Android

One thing I like about Android OS is customizing the home screen with widgets. I add a few widgets that provide information such weather forecasts, news, calender events, todo-lists and others. The other thing that i like about this zooper widget is that they have large collection of designs, so when you are tired with the design, you can change to hundreds of other designs.

I love widgets, i don’t care how many are there on my home screen, for me they are like short-cuts to the apps without opening them, that’s amazing stuff.


Getting Started with Zooper Widget

To get started, Go ahead and install the Zooper Widget. They are two versions free or the pro version. The pro version is for $2.99 which offers more options such as to load and save templates on the SD card, You can download other apps that works with Zooper Widget on the Play Store.

It’s best to go for the Free version to try the app out, you will get some ads in the app, but nothing to worry about.

After you have installed Zooper Widget, long tap on your home screen and select the option “Add Widget”.

Here navigate to the Zooper Widget section and choose the size of widget you you want to add. Once you add a widget, it will add a black box of the specified size and ask you to tap to start.

When you tap on it, it will open the Zooper Widget and ask you to choose from the available presets. As a beginner, I insist you to select the widget that best suits your needs and apply it.

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When you select a widget to add, it will open the customization screen where you can customize the widget. I would recommend to play around to learn the app better.

At the top you will see the actual design, whenever you change the values of the widget, you will notice the top design changing, you can change to any design you want.

But it’s not easy, a few clicks here and there, you will learn more.

The Zooper widget is detailed and you need to know what you are doing, but don’t worry, you can learn the app by playing with the values, that way you will get the idea.

It took me time to learn the app, so once you have understood how to use the app, you can make your own designs according to your home screen theme. Take your time to master it.

Once you have mastered the app, and want more customization designs, then you can download the ‘Zooper Pro’ where you can save widgets and export to other devices, you can download more widget designs from the app store like “Fox for Zooper – Unik for Zooper – Flat Material – Unity Widgets 1/2/3′.



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