DJI introduces Phantom 4 Pro Edition

DJI, the Chinese Maker who is dominating in the market in introducing new products for both consumers and corporate.

Today DJI has introduced Phantom 4 Pro, a new Quad-copter similar to its predecessor Phantom 4 which came out eight months ago on March 2016.

The Phantom 4 Pro features advance obstacle avoidance, improved camera, more battery life and new flight modes

The Chinese drone maker DJI already has a commanding position in the market for both consumer and commercial drones, but the company isn’t slowing down. In fact, it seems to be pushing out new product faster than ever, putting its foot on the throat of competitors already struggling to keep up.



It has 1inch CMOS sensor that shoots 20MP stills and captures upto 11.6 stops of dynamic range, Most drone camera’s cannot take good shots because of the shaking when following fast objects, DJI has solved that by a new mechanical shutter which helps to fix that, it has added the ability to adjust the lens aperture to give greater control on the depth of images. The camera shoots 14 photo’s per second burst mode and slow motion of 60 frames per second.

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Both the Phantom 4 & Mavic Pro had obstacle avoidance sensors working when flying forward, but DJI has added sensors on all four side with the Phantom 4 Pro, the drone can now avoid obstacle where it moves back, front or sides, your drone safe. The speed in obstacle avoidance mode has increased from 22 miles to 31 MPH.


Remote with Screen Display

DJI has introduced a built in display when you buy a remote, this was already introduced by its competitors, but DJI always had something similar where you can connect your mobile devices to the remote, but it was not always possible because of battery issues on mobile devices, you had to charge both devices to get the screen display, but now having the actual display is what we all have been wanting and DJI has it implemented in Phantom 4 Pro.

Battery Life

DJI Phantom 4 battery life has increased from 25 minutes to 30. The Phantom 4 Pro will now fly in difficult and tough environments.

The Phantom 4 is available in Tanzania, You can get it on Pre-Order at


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