Smart Smile Tigo Vodacom Airtel 4G uses much more data than 3G !

The 4G connection is good and i tested it in various places over a 2 day period, then i got a text message saying i was nearly out of data??? Checked and i’d got 20Mb left, strange I thought.

I topped up with £10 for 1Gb of data and started to notice it eats data at an alarming rate, far greater than 3G. i did some test and repeated them several times.

Using my old phone, Samsung S3, on 3G and my new phone, Samsung Note 3, on 4G as a comparison. It was a simple test, i noted the Data Usage on each phone then did a on each phone then read the Data Usage again on each phone.

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The Samsung S3 used an average of 2.5Mb to complete the test, the Samsung Note 3 used on average 58Mb. This led me to do other similar tests:- i.e. loading the BBC News page on the S3 took 760kb, on the Note 3 it took 1.5Mb. A 2 minute YouTube video on the S3 took 40Mb on the Note 3 it took 234Mb.

It would appear that the data package of 1Gb on EE 4G would vanish within a week of very ‘normal ‘ usage.

Has anyone else noted this HUGE data usage?

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