Battery Issues on HTC One M8 Dual Sim

I just sold my htc m8 and got the htc m8 dual sim
Firstly I must say the implementation of dual sim has been excellent, much better than any dual sim fones I saw before, However the battery life when compared to my previous m8 has been really bad. I am using all the same applications and every setting is the same since I just transferred everything.
My m8 used to last about a day and a half with 4g, gps and average use, in contrast the dual sim lasts only about 14hrs of similar use.

My question is that- is the battery life less due to it being a dual sim or there is some issue with my fone as the battery capacity, processor, ram and everything else reflects the htc m8, I will try to upload the battery stat pics later.

Any help, explanation or opinion is welcome.


Lost almost half the battery in 6hrs


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