How to Track your Phone when Lost / Stolen

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Android Phones:

PART A: ONLY SAMSUNG PHONES: Sign up for a ‘Samsung Account’

1. Goto ‘Settings’ Then Click on ‘Accounts’

2. Add account ‘Samsung account’

3. A popup might appear ‘update the Samsung app or services’, Click Yes,

4. If there is no popup than click ‘Create Account’ – Fill in the blanks & Click ‘SignUp’

5. Now you are Protected “Goto http://findmymobile.samsung.com/login.do to login & test to trace the location of your mobile.


PART B: ANY ANDROID PHONE: Install “Android Device Manager”

1. Open ‘Google Play Store’

2. Search for ‘Android Device Manager’ and Install it

3. Open the App & Click Accept,

4. Login in your gmail account to see how the Function of ‘Locating your mobile is done’

5. You can even Goto “https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager” to login and ‘Locate the location of your phone’


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