Xtouch’s EPhone is a Mini Phone and a Bluetooth Headset, 2 IN 1

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The new Xtouch EPhone is interconvertible to Bluetooth mode and SIM card mode, allowing you to slot in a micro-SIM card on board. The EPhone packs MediaTek’s MTK6260D Central Processing Unit (CPU), a 0.66-inches OLED screen of 64 x 48 resolution display built-in and 32 megabytes of memory. From the connectivity side, the unit will radio-in Quad-Band 2G GSM networks and Bluetooth 3.0, all powered by a 200mAh battery. Xtouch’s EPhone will last for 2 hours of call duration, attributing messaging facilities, alarm reminder, five types of ringtone for selection, in-ear Bluetooth music is available, at a distance of 10 meters away from your smartphone. The whole device measures about 71 x 23.5 x 12.6 millimeters in dimensions and weighs 22 grams on mass.

Ephone will ship in both standard Black and White color options

Ephone will ship in both standard Black and White color options, sold in Tanzania available from BongoGadgets at price of $70.

Author: Syamanth Sreejith

Original Link: http://thephonesguide.blogspot.ae/2014/03/xtouchs-ephone-is-mini-phone-and.html


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