Why the phone is sometimes locked out?
-Possibilities are that you have attempted too many pattern attempts.
-Someone else was playing with your lock screen code that it locked because of many attempts.

How to unlock any android phone which is locked out?

-If pattern was wrong 5 times and then it locked, select “Forgot Pattern”
-It will ask you for your email ID and password, if entered correctly then phone will successfully unlock.

What if you forgot your email ID or password?

Well then you need to hard reset your phone, which will delete all your settings and apps on your phone.SD card data will be preserved so worry not.

  • Shutdown your phone by holding down the power button.
  • Hold down the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously. Optional:For other phones try holding down the Volume down button and power button.(or Vol down+Up)
  • Continue holding the Volume Up and Power buttons until the phones logo screen is displayed.
  • When the phone’s logo screen is displayed, release the Power button but continue holding the Volume button until the Android System Recovery menu is displayed.
  • Once you are on the Android System Recovery menu, select the wipe data/factory reset option.  Moving the selection up and down is done with the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.  Once you have the wipe data/factory reset option highlighted, you select it by touching the Home button.
  • Once you have chosen the factory reset option, you will see a confirmation screen.  Highlight the Yes delete all user data option and touch the Home button to select it.
  • The process of wiping the phone should only take a few seconds and when it is finished, you will be returned to the Android System Recovery menu.
  • Highlight and select the reboot system now option
  • You phone will now reboot back into normal mode


Easy Steps to Follow:

Power off tablet and
Try these combinations:

Volume down+Menu button+Power button
Volume UP+Menu button+Power button
Volume UP+Volume Down +Menu button+Power button
Hold all possible hard buttons, while holding all buttons lastly press and hold the Power button.


-Power off the tablet
-Hold the Menu/Options hard button on the tablet
-While holding Menu/Options, press and hold the Power button


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