SugarSync Backup for Android Users

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SugarSync for Android

Android models running version Android OS version 1.6 or later

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Access your data from anywhere

View your documents, spreadsheets, photos, presentations, and videos from your computers right from your Android. About to hop on an airplane? Use SugarSync’s app to sync documents, photos, music, or videos to your device for use when you’re offline.

Automatically upload photos from your device

Take a picture on your Android device and send it directly to your computer. No more fumbling with cables or file transfers. With SugarSync’s new AutoSync for Photos, your mobile photos upload instantly to your computer.

Keep folders in sync on your device

Transform your mobile device into a powerful productivity tool with AutoSync. Use your Android app to sync local copies of your files to your device. SugarSync automatically syncs changes back to the cloud and to your other computers running SugarSync.

Stream your music collection

Stream your complete music collection from any of your computers directly to your Android tablet or phone. You’ve spent years collecting your favorite digital music. SugarSync’s music player puts your music wherever you are with simple web streaming of all your DRM-free songs.

Share files or entire folders

SugarSync gives you the freedom to share photos, files, even entire folders using your Android tablet or smartphone. Ever needed to send an email on your Android and attach a file from your office computer? No problem. With SugarSync, every file and folder in your account has an associated shareable link that you can paste to email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Edit files using your favorite editing app

Enable SugarSync as your online or cloud storage source to access all your files from your editing app. Open your document in DocumentsToGo or Quickoffice Connect. Make your changes, then sync the changes back to the cloud and to your other computers.

Securely back up your data

Back up files from your Android device. Whether its files, photos, or videos, getting it from device to computer has never been easier. And because we use industry best practices for online data security, you can rest easy that you, and only you, can see your data.

Customize AutoSync Settings

SugarSync for Android respects your battery, your data plan, and your wallet. You can set AutoSync to run only when you are connected to a power source, to WiFi, or both. And AutoSync works even when the SugarSync app is not running.

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